Safe Director’s Blog: 3. An Aside

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Posted by Artistic Director Arti Prashar on March 06, 2017

SAFE - The daily mindboggling thoughts of a director…
No-one was hurt in the writing of this daily blog, every health and safety precaution has been taken into consideration: but 'without risk what’s left?'

Well that ‘happy peeps thing’ is not quite right. We have a cast member who is ill, in hospital to be honest. No no - not our doing. It’s called ‘life happens'…

We need to find a SAFE replacement! Holy cow who? Racking brain for the right person, so ensemble remains intact, trust remains. Several people are suggested or do we put out an advert? No, no time for that. Think think think….

Ah, just another day in the ST office. Troubleshooting, eating cake and biscuits, cracking jokes and sorting it all out…

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