Connected Culture

Connected Culture was an online network for anyone involved in participatory arts who wanted to better connect with peers and better advocate for this area of artistic practice. As a Spare Tyre initiative supported by the Arts Council England, we created a spirit of generosity, supporting and sharing.

The aims were to:

  • Encourage an exchange of ideas and practice
  • Influence a wide spectrum of policy making
  • Raise the profile and status of participatory arts

Our members brought different perspectives: artists and organisations covering a spectrum of art forms, participants from a range of communities, trusts and foundations, partner organisations, academics and people at the beginning of their careers. Connected Culture reached out and connected with other regional networks across the UK.

Connected Culture enabled members to connect, have discussions, explore the work of others, share their own videos and photos, share events and opportunities.

Connected Culture projects included:

  • Connected Culture: Passing It On
  • Because we’re worth it
  • Peer review
  • Art In Our Big Society

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