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[Title: Heba Soliman]
[Title: On placement from the Netherlands]

[Title: What have you been doing with Spare Tyre?]

Heba: A lot! Er, I’ve been working with the inc.Ensemble which is a group of adults with a learning disability. I’ve been working with the HotPots a lot and I’ve been working in the office doing some marketing research, and in the Alsen Centre also with elderly people. Um, I’ve been seeing a lot of different layers in this company, which has been great just to see how everything works.

[Title: How have you found it?]

Heba: Very challenging, um, in a lot of different ways I had to challenge myself and other people were challenging me to just be open for experiences and um, it has been beautiful, um, to watch um, people being creative and also helping or challenging them to be creative, um, and then see the outcome of it.

[Title: Any advice for someone interested in doing a placement?]

Heba: If you want a placement with Spare Tyre you have to be open for everything that will come into your path, but because there is a lot to learn and different layers.

Heba: You have to be open for the people who you are going to work with, not only your colleagues but also the participants because each of them are very special and have their own way to do things. And just let them surprise you with what they can do, because it’s a lot, and I think that’s the one thing I’ve been learning, er, people will surprise you over and over again. Even if you think they showed you enough, then they come and surprise you again.


Heba Soliman completed a 5 month Artistic Placement with Spare Tyre, in the run up to Feeble Minds.  She is from Utrecht University in The Netherlands.  Heba worked full time and was a fantastic addition to the Spare Tyre team.  She assited with workshops, rehearsals, marketing in the office and working back-stage during the show.