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As part of the Spare Tyre Festival, Spare Tyre is holding a masterclass for anyone interested in our way of working. 

The masterclass will take place on 30 October, 10am-4pm at the New Diorama Theatre.

Tickets: £80, £40 concessions. 

**Ticket Offer** Book on to the masterclass and pay just £3 to see a performance of SAFE or I'm an Artist, let me in! during the Spare Tyre Festival at the New Diorama Theatre.

Spare Tyre’s practice is based upon harnessing, capturing and valuing life experience. The creation of a safe and supportive process is vital. We use drama and storytelling as tools to release the power of the untold story and tap the talents of people who have long been written off by society. The technique of focusing on the personal to illustrate a wider political point has become the Spare Tyre trademark.

The masterclass will explore the following areas:

• Understanding the needs and aspirations of a specific community
• Understanding risk and challenge
• Providing a framework/ theatre language the community can use and adapt to express themselves
• The role of the interested outsider
• Using personal stories that illustrate the wider political point
• Collaboration, multi art forms
• Being open to a range of creative expression

To book on to the masterclass call 020 7061 6454 or email Vicky.