Spare Tyre artists are skilled, innovative, unique artists from diverse backgrounds, ages and abilities. They work together to create and perform theatre for regular theatregoers, members of their own communities, the wider arts sector and unsuspecting passers-by. They use and combine drama, music, film, dance, visual and digital art.

They create art inspired by their own stories and experiences that challenges prejudice and the perception of their communities, making their voices heard.

The artists embody and raise the profile of Spare Tyre’s core values, through their work and how we work with them:

  • Transform and improve lives – we use a person-centred method of working which has an impact at an individual level
  • Train, mentor and progress – we support professional and personal skills development across the whole organisation (artists, participants, administrators)
  • Challenge prejudice – we work with ‘difficult’ subject matter, risky themes and marginalised communities, enabling individual stories to make a political point and challenge audiences
  • Diversity – enshrined in what we produce, who we produce it with and who we present it to
  • Accessibility – we find new ways to present work and reach audiences of all levels of access needs, increasing our reach and impact
  • Professionalism – we champion quality in participatory arts practice and share that with the professional arts sector