What’s Between Us

What’s Between Us

Jan - July 2017, Kingston, London

 Since January 2017, Spare Tyre has been working with students from Kingston University's Drama Department (KUDOS) on a new piece of theatre. 

The five years of recorded interviews we made with Roehampton residents to create Roehampton Radio episodes are a treasure trove of local stories - we wanted to make sure these stories were told. We approached the Drama Department at Kingston, who were fascinated by these recordings and what they revealed. 

In weekly sessions, students and staff from Spare Tyre have listened to the thoughts and feelings of Roehampton residents, and created a new, original piece of theatre called What's Between Us. The piece explores the idea of home, and what we need to feel 'at home'. Trainee Project Manager Saad-Eddine Said works weekly with the group, and Artistic Director Arti Prashar visited in April to hold a Masterclass with the students. 

What's Between Us will be performed at the Rose Theatre in Kingston as part of the IYAF (International Youth Arts Festival) in July. 

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