I feel weak as a woman when I walk around the streets of London on my own. When I come here and walk in through the door, I feel a strength from the other women. I have come home.


Creative Team: Tess Garrett, Chithmini De Silva, Arti Prashar

Spare Tyre took to the stage with Picture Me, a platform for women who have experienced violence. Picture Me celebrated the voices of the women that Spare Tyre has been working with over the past year from 3 women’s organisations across London. Women from multiple generations and culturally diverse backgrounds spoke out and shared painful memories of violence, transforming them into uplifting stories through a range of art forms, exploring themes of strength and empowerment.

Picture Me took place at St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace on Friday 14th June 2013.

See images from the Picture Me event below.

For further information please call 0207 061 6454 or email Picture Me.

Photos © Claudia Brookes
Exhibition photos and projections © Joanna Natalija Gourley