Dark Inc

Dark Inc@The Tramshed, Greenwich, 19 May 2008

I went on holiday at the start of May. Seven lazy days in turkey with my girlfriend and some friends. I swam in the sea. I lay in the sun. I ignored my girlfriend and our friends every time they suggested activities that involved me walking the length of my self. Generally, I just tried to relax and unwind, something I never do. Going back to the office, I knew, was going to be painful so I figured I’d ease myself back in, maybe see a play. Nothing too taxing. Thankfully, I made a big mistake and instead went to see Spare Tyre and inc. Theatre’s latest production Dark Inc.

Created by the inc. Theatre Ensemble, a company of learning disabled writers and performers which grew out of Spare Tyre’s inc. Theatre course. Dark inc is a series of dark, loosely-linked, almost hallucinatory, vignettes presided over by the sinister Professor Sardonicus (David Munns), a menacing Master of Ceremonies who directs and comments on the action, introducing us to as varied a gallery of the bizarre and the monstrous as you’ll find in Greenwich; an Alan Sugar-like boss obsessively firing his employees, robots and soldiers, the almost clockwork Static Juliet and the disembodied head of her Romeo, a scissor-wielding Cinderella and Andy the Anxiety Baby and his over-protective mum.

Funny and challenging, with characters and storylines created by the performers, Dark inc feels like a surreal, murky, half-remembered dream, loaded with menace and threat, a cautionary voyage into the macabre that’s as likely to unnerve as amuse.

David Watson
Published in the June/July 2008 issue of Arts Disability Culture.