Writer Pete Lawson
Pete Lawson is an acclaimed screenwriter and playwright. He first worked with Spare Tyre as a Project Manager in 1992, and after many years running workshops wrote Safe and Still Life Dreaming, which went to Edinburgh with a cast of older actors in 2011.

He has written over 100 episodes of Eastenders, reaching audiences of up to 11 million. For BBC1 he created and wrote the primetime drama series Being April and the screenplay Drive. He has written 25 plays including productions at Theatre Royal Plymouth, the Theatre Royal Nottingham and the Leicester Square Theatre and has had two plays broadcast on Radio 4. He is the Chair of Brighton-based young people's writing charity Little Green Pig

Sieska Cowdrey
Sieska always loved acting at school and sometimes she dreamt of doing it seriously. Almost 50 years later Spare Tyre gave her the opportunity to do just that. Now 69, and just over five years since she joined the company, she has been in various productions from street theatre to the Edinburgh Fringe. She has fulfilled an ambition, learnt a lot and had a thoroughly good time.

Fay Helm
Linda Jennings

Vicky Lee

David Munns
David is an actor, writer and close-up magician. He has performed with Spare Tyre for 13 years, including Feeble Minds (2009) and Faust (2004). He wrote Morgan's Lake in partnership with BBC Radio Drama in 2010. He also wrote Another Day, which was performed at the Roundhouse Studio in 2010. He has also worked with Heart n Soul, Access All Areas and Unity Festival. David is an expert on television shows from the 1970s and 80s. He's currently enjoying R & D work with his alter-ego Miss DeeDee, dance teacher at Miss Veronica's Stage Academy. 

Corky Mayfield
Corky is 68 and has been a member of Spare Tyre since 2010. She enjoys singing and joined the Raised Voices choir in King’s Cross at the same time. In November 2016 she participated in Sing It! Spirit of Envy! performance post Our Carnal Hearts show at the Camden People’s Theatre.
She teaches English to speakers of other languages and enjoys teaching refugees and asylum seekers.

Alma Ramnauth