Spare Tyre Band

Spare Tyre Band

21 June - 14 July 2013, London

The Spare Tyre Band performed at a number of venues across London this summer!

The Spare Tyre Band is a skilled and inspiring group of musicians with learning disabilities. Playing their own instruments made out of recycled junk, they will be sure to get your heads bopping and your toes tapping to their fantastic beats.

The Spare Tyre Band were seen in action at the following events this summer…

Friday 21 June, 12pm   

Learning Disability Festival
Valentines Park
Essex IG1 4XH

Saturday 22 June, 2pm

Summer Festival and Parade
Brixton Park,
Blenheim Gardens,
Brixton SW2 5BZ
Saturday 29 June, 1pm       

Redbridge Mini Festival
Ilford Town Centre

Sunday 14 July, 1pm          

The Big Gig on the Bandstand
Valentines Park
Essex IG1 4XH

For more information about the Spare Tyre Band, please call 0207 061 6454 or email Claire.

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