Spare Tyre Festival

Spare Tyre Festival

2010, London

For over 30 years Spare Tyre has produced bold and powerful theatre that challenges communities, artists and audiences.  The Spare Tyre Festival at New Diorama Theatre celebrates Spare Tyre's current work with adults with learning disabilities, older people, and emerging artists. See two incredible Spare Tyre shows and take part in a masterclass sharing our way of working.

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I'm an Artist, let me in!

cynthia performs her dance piece 'Telling Off Movements' in I'm an Artist, let me in!

Wednesday 27th October: 11:30am, 2pm, 7:30pm

Directed by Arti Prashar
Conceived and performed by Spare Tyre’s Company of Artists with learning disabilities

Prepare to be confronted by an exhilarating showcase of five honest, moving new performances by inspirational artists with learning disabilities. Murder mystery, energising dance, hilarious comedy both visual and audio, and intimate theatre.

All the performances brought an honesty and an integrity that is so often missed in theatre – Nate Sence, High Tide

Tickets: £7 full price, £5 concessions / groups 5+


Friday 29th October: 2pm and 7:30pm

Saturday 30th October: 7:30pm

Written by Pete Lawson
Directed by Arti Prashar

Designed by Rajha Shakiry
Performed by Spare Tyre’s Company of Artists aged 60+

But wait. Is this a performance, or a hazard?

How far should we go to eliminate risk? The cross departmental Tsar insists on box-ticking, risk-assessing and safe-guarding, desperately trying to create a ‘safe’ environment. What must we sacrifice? The voices of those we are trying to protect?

A satirical piece of theatre that is at once affecting, exasperating and hilarious.

It takes you back to reality in a surreal way - SAFE audience member.

Tickets: £7 full price, £5 concessions / groups 5+

SAFE is also touring London-wide throughout Autumn 2010.  Click here to find out if it will be coming to a venue near you.

Spare Tyre Masterclass: Nurturing the Creative Impulse

participants in a masterclass with Arti Prashar

Saturday 30th October: 10am-4pm

A masterclass open to anyone interested in Spare Tyre’s way of working. A rare opportunity to ask this pioneering Company how they do what they do. Click here to find out more.

Tickets: £80 full price / £40 concessions

**Ticket Offer** Book on to the masterclass and pay just £3 to see a performance of SAFE or I'm an Artist, let me in! during the Spare Tyre Festival at the New Diorama Theatre.

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