The Garden: Performances for people with dementia and their carers

“We were really impressed, residents with dementia really seemed to interact and relax throughout it. They were quite calm afterwards. One resident who can get uptight was so relaxed throughout the rest of the day and into the evening – when the family came to visit they saw a huge difference in her. It definitely changed the staff’s views of how to use creativity – we felt the experience was so helpful to ourselves [as carers] as well as the residents, so many ideas we can use, props we can use every day, and none of it expensive. Some residents went into two sessions and got as much from it the second time. I’d recommend it to anybody.” Carol Douglas, Cranford Care Home, 2015

“Spare Tyre’s non-verbal, sensory approach creates an instant environment where individuals are mindfully welcomed through minimal language, eye contact and touch… These sessions illustrate to care staff how achievable it is to transform an environment with sound, light, touch and smell and how any of these aspects could easily be incorporated in individual and group interactions.”

Margaret Stewart, Creative Learning Team, Aberdeen Council